Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So, again with the slight rant about something I read online. The topic of this week's annoyance: Children's Names.

Let me start with one of my current pet peeves: the name Nevaeh. Heaven spelled backwards. This has got to be (in my opinion) one of the stupidest names I've ever heard in my life (second only to perhaps "Apple"). But, because Nevaeh wasn't bad enough, I saw an instance online where this woman legitimately named her child (wait for it...)

Nevaeh-ly Angel.

Seriously? Do you hate your offspring that much? I think that a lot of parents (young parents especially, though there are exceptions) don't realize the extent of the permanence of a name. Your child is STUCK with that name. Forever. For. Ever.

Naming my son was one of the hardest decisions during my pregnancy. Actually, I think it was the hardest decision of my pregnancy. To get a name that flowed nicely with my last name, had some meaning (his middle name is my father's middle name and his first name is Irish, which I am) took forever. Not to mention finding a name that wouldn't be easily made fun of. During all four of my mother's pregnancies, my father's job was to try to make fun of every name she thought of. The ones he couldn't make fun of, they used. I shamelessly used him for this ability during the naming process as well.

In addition to stupid names in general, there are always those lovely misspelled names. For example (and keep in mind that all of the following names are actual children):

Trystean instead of Tristan.
Shyanne instead of Cheyenne.
Zarah instead of Sarah.
Navaiha instead of Nevaeh (which isn't even a real name to begin with!).
Mourice instead of Maurice.
Schylar instead of Skylar.
Nathin instead of Nathan.
and, my personal favorite:
EyeZic instead of Issac.

The justification behind these names is that it makes their children "unique" and "against the norm". No. It just makes people question not only your intelligence but your child's as well, because the assumption is generally that your kid doesn't even know how to spell his/her own name.

So please, potential parents, consider your children's futures and please please please (I'm begging you), don't name them EyeZic.

**Side Note: Every single one of those names was highlighted when I hit the spell-check button. Case in point.**


  1. I love unique names. My daughter's middle name is Rhae. I like it. I do not like Eyezic. I think that may be going a tad over board. And Zarah for Sarah.. that really makes no sense. That's a Z not an S. Again.. my personal opinion.

  2. Oh don't misunderstand me, I LOVE unique names; just not "unique" to the point of being made fun of, or spelled wrong. I really like Rhae (I'm assuming it's pronounced like "Ray"?), where did you get the idea of that one?

  3. Yeah that's how it's pronounced! I'm not really sure where I got the idea. I know people that have unique spelling names with making them retarded like Eyezic! I can't believe someone really named their child that!

  4. Have you read Freakonomics? It talks about this a lot, specifically in a socioeconomic way. (Which made me a bit uneasy considering my name is spelled "incorrectly" anyway).

    Also, this whole thing is illegal in Malaysia.